Rhythm Street Music




For the fun and love of it.

At Rhythm Street Music we believe that when starting out on an instrument you're more likely to succeed if you're having fun and feeling relaxed and supported. We aim to learn music for the love of it. 

Additionally, by learning in a group, you may;

- Have a support network of others at a similar stage of learning to you.

- Learn to listen and play in time with a group.

- Meet people with a common interest and build new relationships 

- Learn performance skills

- Build confidence 

- Go on to form your own performance or practice group. 

Learning in groups keeps costs down. This provides an affordable way to try out an instrument and learn the basics before committing to private lessons. 

We recommend more advanced players seek private lessons to accelerate their learning and we would love to help you find a teacher. Advanced players may wish to also participate in group lessons for the benefits listed above, which are sometimes more difficult to achieve in private lessons.